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PT Solusi Logam Indonesia offers Advanced Metal Refurbishing and Thermal Spray Coating services for industrial machineries and all types of industrial parts. We can help to restore almost any metal products to their original condition by replacing damaged sections and coating/re-coating.

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Thermal Spray Coating/Re-coating

Thermal Spray Coating Process Anti Corrosion Spraying
Coating Process
Anti Corrosion Spraying

Thermal spray coatings are economical solution for parts that require frequent recoating. The result of thermal coating can extend part’s reliability and durability by up to 3 times even in toughest, most corrosive, and extreme conditions.


Before Refurbishing After Refurbishing
Before Refurbishing
After Refurbishing

Refurbishing will restore metal products to its original condition. The refurbished machinery is as good as new. You can save money by reducing downtime and increase the useful productive life on critical machines and their components.

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